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Musing in, and Moving to Phoenix Arizona
Mr. Smith moves to Phoenix

It’s July 2005 in Phoenix Arizona it’s very hot and I have come to look at a house I’m planning to buy. The house is very nice and I’m looking forward to living in such a spacious house with a mountain view. I really like the kitchen and the yard is big by California suburban standards.

I wonder if I will have some desperate housewife neighbors? The cute girl walking me through the house suggests that I could have one girlfriend for up stairs and another down stair and they wouldn’t even know about each other. I’ll have to give that some serious thought, it sounds like a good idea to me.

After looking at the house I’m headed out to make some business contacts. Little did I know what kind of an adventure the day would bring. I managed to talk to several people in my industry. While driving to my next appointment, I hear a little whine from the back of my car, then a little rattle and then a bit of a thump thump, my aging tires are feeling the wrath of summertime Arizona and that’s when I figure it out, hey I have a flat. I head for the nearest driveway, which latter I discovered was a school, it looks more like a prison. The driveway had a locked gate. There’s heavy traffic and no place to stop, so I pull around the corner. I know I just ruined the tire.

My car’s packed full of stuff because I have been camping on my way to look at the house. This means I can’t find my jack, I figure no problem I have triple A. I call and they say they will send some one within two hours. It’s pretty hot to wait two hours. I pull my cold water out of the ice chest and think Arizona is hot. When they come to change my tire I put my hand on the ground to help with the spar, ouch, the ground burns my hand. Arizona is really hot.

Thank goodness for air conditioning. I remember how cool the house I’m going to buy is and think it would be nice if I could go home to that house right now. The spare is on and I am off to fined a tire store. The tow truck driver couldn’t tell me a good place to get a tire so I decided to visit the local triple AAA auto club for some information. They have been very helpful on previous trips to Phoenix and they didn’t let me down this time. They gave me specific directions to a big o tire store and a map. Could you ask for more?

Wouldn’t you know it, the tire store doesn’t have a tire that’ll fit for my rims, but they tell me someplace that does. It turns out this story has a happy ending I bought a tire and make it home in time to get a good nights rest, so I could get up the next day to work on lone documents. So far Arizona seems like a lot of work, but I think the beauty of the area will make it all worthwhile.

Moral to the story: when it’s over 100 degrees outside good car maintenance could be a lifesaver.

Last part of July first of August 2005 in Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix Arizona is still hot, but I have new tires and a new house. I think one of the best things about the house is that it has very, very good air conditioning. Being inside is not much different than being in California by the beach. There have been a few little glitches with getting the house set up.

On this trip I got to see some of the famous summer monsoons I’ve heard about. So far they aren’t bad, and they can add a great deal of beauty to the setting sun. I’ve started to get my bearings and found a big desert wash to the west of the house. I noticed this river on a map last time I was in town. It looks like it will make a nice area to view wildlife when the weather cools down.

Stay tuned for more stories about moving to Phoenix Arizona.

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