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Real Estate Markets Heating Up Reports Real Estate Add
By Mike Colpitts

Real Estate Markets Heating Up Reports Real Estate Add
Copyright © 2005 Mike Colpitts
Real Estate Add

There are still hot real estate markets in America, according to
the latest survey of real estate markets in Real Estate
The website offers real estate market information on all 50

Despite increasing interest rates, there are some real estate
markets scattered all over the United States which remain hot.
Salt Lake City, Utah is a buyers haven. There are also other
local real estate markets that are undiscovered by many that
have some of the best appreciation to come in future years.

Columbia, South Carolina is turning into a buyers paradise with
one of the most affordable housing markets in the country. The
average price of a single family home is just under $130,000,
turning Columbia into a retirement haven.

The state of Texas may provide the next big boom market in
the nation. The U.S. Census Bureau says 46% of the nation's
population will live in Texas, California and Florida by 2030.
All three states are gaining in population. Despite the series of
hurricanes to hit Florida over the last two years, 1,100 people
a day are moving to the sunshine state, according to state

There are tens of thousands of real estate sites on the web. But
nothing like Real Estate Add, which recently changed its name
from America's Real Estate Digest. All 50 U.S. States real estate
markets are profiled on the website.
It's an information driven resource for consumers.

I'm Mike Colpitts and I started Real Estate a few months
ago. As a real estate agent since 1989 I've seen a need for an
information driven resource like Real Estate Add on the web. I
started it as a service to consumers.

Spokane, Washington is another example of a local real estate
market that is hot. Spokane hasn't seen this much real estate
activity since 1992 as more and more Californians and others
flock to the Pacific north-west.

Every time I'd work with a real estate client whether it was in
California, where I started selling real estate, Washington State
or now in Florida where I make my home clients would ask me what
the real estate market was like somewhere else in the Nation.

I didn't live where they were referring to but I always made it
my business to know what other markets were like. The resources
were bleak with the exception of an occasional report from the
mass media or the annual report from the National Association of
Realtors. So I decided to start Real Estate Add on the internet
to give consumers the information they want in today's
information driven society.

There are residential and commercial real estate markets where
investors will make a killing and there are markets where you
better sell today before it's too late tomorrow unless you're
going to hold on for the long haul. In Real Estate Add find out
about local real estate markets all over the Nation.

Mike Colpitts is a former professional journalist
who has been selling real estate since 1989.

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